More than half of U.S. homes either don’t have a landline or don’t use it as their primary phone. (CDC, 2012) As described, ringless voicemail is a true win-win innovation for digital marketers and colleges. Higher Education marketers can use the advances in technology (ringless voicemail) to make their marketing pitches to colleges, while colleges can respect their prospects’ wishes not to be bombarded with calls at all hours and in all places. More importantly? The choice is up to the recipient – at no cost.

Leveraging Ringless Voicemail In Higher Education

With this automation, the prospect has the capability to consider the message without the phone call. The result could be improved response rates, better lead quality, which could return more form submissions and a better experience for both colleges, universities, and prospective students. According to Hubspot, 80% of calls go to voicemail.” [Source: RingLead] Voicemail marketing may be the next innovation for higher ed. with technologies such as Alexa and Google on the rise. These at-home personal assistants can read your messages back to you and call back phone numbers at your leisure. Personal assistants ultimately put control back in the hands of the user. What does this have to do with choosing a college? When choosing a place of study, many prospects want to feel like they’re making a decision, as opposed to being forced into a phone conversation they may not be ready for. Ringless voicemail gives prospects a choice.

What is Ringless Voicemail?

Why Should Higher Education Marketing Agencies Leverage Ringless Voicemail - Edufficient A Higher Education Marketing Agency

Ringless Voicemail is the service by which a pre-recorded message is left in a users inbox allowing the user to check the message when it’s convenient or at a later time.  Imagine that you’re anticipating a call back from someone, but suddenly have to step into an important meeting. With ringless voicemail, the message recipient will be able to check the message at a later date, without the hassle of ignoring a call.

Focus on Conversations… Not on Calls

It can take a lot of calls to turn a lead who submitted a form into a prospect, into an interview, into an enroll, and finally into a start …which is why colleges and universities spend a great deal of effort on direct marketing. Ringless voicemail marketing enables you to be more precise about your marketing efforts by choosing exactly whom you want to target based on lead quality. The average voicemail response rate is 4.8%. [Source: InsideSales] You’ll reach the cell phone voicemail boxes of people in your target city, area code, or zip code. This way, you can avoid calling prospective students outside of your campuses’ vicinity or target area. With ringless voicemail marketing, marketing agencies can plan ahead by recording messages beforehand. The prospect assumes the message is being recorded in real-time however, marketing agencies can control exactly what they say before it reaches a prospect’s inbox! Pretty neat, right?

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