As a potential client, you may be asking yourself, what sets Edufficient apart from just any marketing agency? Not every agency measures performance the way we do. As a performance-based marketing agency, we take data seriously. We measure our successes through the success of our clients by leveraging an integrated marketing strategy. 

What is Integrated Marketing?

Why Choose Edufficient As Your Higher Education Marketing Agency?

We have two sides of our business that work together to marry online and offline data. Our PPL team manages (third party inquiries), call centers, compliance, and protects trademark terms. This ensures the best CPL (cost per lead) across the industry.

Our Digital Marketing department specializes in SEO, PPC, Remarketing & Retargeting, Email Automation & Email Marketing services. Our Integrated Marketing approach is simple. We center on creating a unified and seamless experience by melding all aspects of our business together. By taking a strategic, “ground-up” approach to campaign performance, we’re able to quickly identify areas of opportunity.

Why Choose Edufficient as Your Higher Education Marketing Agency?

Each and every account is different. We take into consideration CMS’s, lead delivery, form systems, and help set strategic short and long-term goals. By establishing a rapport with our clients, together we can achieve benchmarks and milestones with a course of action – unique to the needs of your institution. Our technology has allowed for us to take a granular look at some KPI’s that can largely impact an account. We take areas of concern into consideration when we establish a successful marketing strategy unique to the needs of our clients. As a full-service higher education marketing agency – we care about our partnershipsWe’ve helped many of our clients overcome challenges by improving conversion rate, overall lead volume, lowering cost per start, and measuring our performance on a year-over-year basis.  Do these areas of your account need improvement? Request information about our services by filling out the form above and one of our higher education marketing specialists will give you a call! Be patient! We’ll get back to you shortly.

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