How Ringless Direct To Voicemail Technology Can Help Boost Your Enrollments (Quickly and Affordably) (1)

Edufficient did a case study on a recent campaign using Ringless Voicemail technology. The client shared a list of leads that had been deemed “inactive.” Here’s how a recent ringless voicemail campaign helped our client quickly meet a start goal. You may be wondering, “How can a mass phone messaging system leave a voicemail without ringing the device?” The answer: Ringless Voicemail. Ringless voicemail (often referred to as direct to voicemail) is a mobile marketing practice in which a message is sent to a user’s voicemail without calling that person. When a prospect checks their voicemail,  it will contain a targeted message despite that person never having their phone rung.

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How Ringless Direct To Voicemail Technology Helped Our Client  Meet Their Start Goal

Our client was at risk of missing an impending start goal and needed a solution that could generate enrollments quickly. With a limited amount of remaining time and budget, the campaign needed to be launched immediately and have the ability to move prospects through the conversion funnel at breakneck speed. Given the current challenges and time constraints, the Edufficient team recommended the deployment of a ringless voicemail campaign seeding the marketing system with 250,000 inactive leads segmented by a program of interest. With highly targeted voicemail messaging, Edufficient successfully delivered 90,000 voicemails over the course of two weeks. The results were fantastic. Out of 90,000 leads, 11,000 prospects returned the voicemail to a call center. The call center was able to successfully transfer 360 leads to an admissions office. The admissions office was able to generate an additional 30 enrollments, at a cost per enroll of $267.00!

Why Should Higher Education Marketing Agencies Use Ringless Voicemail?

Ringless voicemail marketing enables marketers to be more precise about their marketing efforts by choosing exactly whom they want to target based on lead quality by reaching the cell phone voicemail boxes of people in their target city, area code, or zip code. Agencies can use this technology to avoid calling prospective students outside of their target area. With ringless voicemail marketing, marketing agencies can plan ahead by recording messages beforehand.

Ringless Voicemail Technology

The prospect assumes the message is being recorded in real-time however,  marketing agencies can control exactly what they say before it reaches a person’s inbox! Pretty neat, right?

What Are The Benefits of Ringless Voicemail?

  • Ringless voicemail fuses the power of direct mail and telemarketing
  • Can target specific prospects or customers
  • Reaches thousands of people in a matter of minutes
  • Message goes directly to voicemail without ever ringing the telephone
  • Lightning fast conversion lead to start %

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Ringless Voicemail For Lightning Fast Conversion

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