How to Market To Prospect’s Using Lead Nurturing Tactics in Higher Education

Lead nurturing is a marketing term that works to develop relationships with potential students through every step of the recruitment funnel. Lead Nurturing has proven effective in many verticals and can prove to increase converted leads by 79%, according to a case study by Marketing Sherpa.

Why Should Higher Education Marketing Institutions Use Lead Nurturing Tactics in 2017?

Higher Education Marketing - Lead Nurturing

With all of Google’s updates and changes this year, and the competition in Adwords becoming seemingly impossible to keep up with, (inflated CPC’s, limited reach, quality score crack-downs, etc), – it’s no secret that an alternative approach is standing out amongst the competition. The principles and guidelines of Search Engine Optimization change constantly, and digital marketing has made strides in personalized targeting methods. By delivering a creative, more unique approach to higher ed marketing as a whole, we can better understand what peaks a prospect’s interest.

Tracking your institution’s worth to a user or audience is a way of lead scoring. Is this person spending a lot of time on your site? Are they engaging with any of your social media platforms? How often does the same lead come back to your site and visit the same content? Scoring this type of engagement helps open new ways to communicate with potential prospects – instead of serving them the same, boring ad, or exhausting your call centers, we can simply choose to strike while the iron is hot – and only when the lead may be far enough down the recruitment funnel.

What Happens When You Improve Your Lead Nurturing Campaigns?

Higher Education Marketing | Lead Nurturing Strategies in 2017

With advanced marketing automation and remarketing tools, we take each student on a different journey. Choosing a place to learn and invest your future is a commitment. So much so that it varies for each type of institution. Not all journeys in higher education are created equal, and therefore, we need to treat our lead nurturing tactics as such.

It’s understood amongst digital marketers that a well-nurtured lead is a more qualified lead – but why? Lead nurturing is one of the most neglected forms of digital marketing, yet it’s one of the most successful ways to win back a potential loss. Missed opportunities attribute to wasted spend and missing enrollment goals.

Edufficient Options For Successful Lead Nurturing Campaigns

When colleges and universities begin to understand how to develop a closer relationship between prospective students, they become relevant to that lead. Coming full-circle to lead scoring – it’s important to understand how to “qualify” the prospects by tracking their interest in your institution. Another important aspect of lead nurturing is securing positions within your institution that makes the call centers and office of admissions centers a friendly and inviting environment. It’s important to remember to put your best foot forward when speaking with a potential student. This involves sending emails with personalized information to each prospect from the early phases of interest with your school.
Higher Education Marketing - Lead Nurturing

Most interactions occur on social platforms, online, in instant messenger chats, or through follow-up emails. It’s important to integrate all communication with these students in one place so it’s easier to assign certain personas with individuals. It’s easier to have open, easy, and new ways of communicating with students to help gauge their interest in you.

How To Streamline Your Higher Education Lead Nurturing

The most common method of integrating email and website engagement with an individual’s profile data is via a marketing automation system (MA) that integrates email with other systems that store data and track the activity of each prospect.Once you’ve accumulated enough data on a prospect – you can tailor your methods of communication by means of segmenting and creating content based on the interests of that user.Edufficient offers various marketing automation tactics such as lead scoring, email automation, advanced web analytics, drip and re-circulation campaigns, and more. Find out more about how Edufficient can improve your lead nurturing strategy!

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