In our industry of content marketing in higher education, we have to ask ourselves: What do you want to achieve with content marketing? You have to understand what it is you want to achieve in this market. What do you want to sell or promote and to whom? This information can be obtained from the initial phases of market research. Ask yourself how can I measure what I put into practice? How can I gather my facts and how can I use that data to determine what it is we should sell or promote? Is that data important for my property?

6 Key Elements Of Content Marketing in Higher Education

Great content marketing can build a higher ed brand. Content marketing is a great outlet for Higher Education because they already have so much expertise and creative material in the field to draw inspiration from. Leveraging staff, students, and resources readily available give Colleges & Universities a leg up in the content marketing field. Colleges and universities that are surviving are establishing themselves as valuable resources, making it known to prospective students about the type of education they will receive should they be interested in enrolling in one of their programs. Developing a well-rounded content plan in conjunction with a great SEO strategy in higher education is the furthest thing from common practice. When done well, the rewards can be great.

Here are 6 key elements in content marketing for the education vertical.

1. Know Your Audience

Content Marketing for Higher Education

Knowing your audience is key to putting out the best content available. Knowing who it is we are targeting and how they think. It is important to really live in the space or the imagination of your avatar or your property. Think creatively and think of ways you can really touch your audience. We want to establish a true connection with our audience and understand how they respond to our content. We also want to research competitive sites to understand who their audience is and what those sites are ranking for in terms of keywords.

2. Storytelling Is Important

Content Marketing for Higher Education

This is pretty straightforward. Make sure to tell an interesting story every time you post original content. Original content is important because it does not exist anywhere else on the internet – and therefore will make for better content! People don’t want to see the same results over and over again. People want to read about new and exciting content that they can’t get anywhere else, therefore making your content unique, and most importantly, shareable. Storytelling should be an important part of your content marketing strategy.

In fact, your whole strategy should be based on a unique brand story that immediately relates to your target personas.

3. Guest Blogging

Content Marketing for Higher Education

Target other blogs in your niche that your target audience also visits. Write high-quality guest posts for these blogs and include your content links where relevant. Guest blogging brings credibility, traffic and SEO benefits all at the same time. There are plenty of other platforms where you can discuss topics related to your niche. Join Q&A sites like Quora or Yahoo Answers, and you can suggest your content as a resource to answer people’s questions. Just make sure you actually engage in discussions on the platform so it’s not all about promoting your content.

4. Email List Content

Content Marketing for Higher Education

A healthy email list gives you access to guaranteed readers. They are people who you can work on and convert them into your biggest word of mouth marketers. These are your leads, who eventually you want to be prospects

5. Social Media

Content Marketing for Higher Education

This is where you get to be creative and connect and engage with your audience. Making sure to post all the new content that has been published on your blog is insanely important in establishing a huge social media following. You want to make sure you are connecting daily, checking in, responding to comments, and again – living in the space you’ve created within your niche market. The key to success lies in being clear about your objectives, creating memorable content and promoting it thoughtfully.

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