5 Ways Schools Can Improve CTR's Using Facebook Ads - 2017

Those of us in the daily trenches of paid advertising can agree on a lot of the same things; we want lower CPC’s, more user engagement & more conversions. What do we do about it? We log into our Facebook accounts every day hoping for a great response, we check for opportunities to improve our overall performance and aim high to produce a stellar ROI for our clients in higher education and let them know they are in great hands. So, how do we dig ourselves out of the trenches and pull ourselves up by our bootstraps? Focus on increasing CTR in your higher education marketing campaigns.

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education

Improve CTR’s Using Facebook Ads. 

In this post, I’m going to discuss 5 tips that every paid advertiser should hold near and dear to their data crunching hearts when generating and creating Facebook Ad campaigns:

Do extensive research

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education

Do extensive research on your audience before choosing who to serve ads too. According to CNNtech, there are 1.9 billion monthly users on Facebook which means you have a great shot of getting in front of the people…when you choose the audience. We all know how real this struggle can be so instead of making guesses on who we believe our audience is – try putting yourself in the shoes of the student you’re looking to attract, what other passions might that nursing student have? What other interests do criminal justice students have? Try to look for the not so obvious solutions when building an ideal audience and your chances of higher engagement and higher CTR will inevitably increase

Constantly a/b test your ads!

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education

Constantly a/b test your ads! This is a fantastic way to stay relevant through the ups and downs of what’s trending now and what was trending 5 seconds ago. Okay, maybe I’m just being dramatic, but we all know how quickly things on social media can become irrelevant. If you’re constantly testing your ads against each other, you have a great shot of keeping a positive social presence and increasing your CTR

Geographic targets are extremely important!

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education

First is the obvious reason that you won’t see a high click-through rate if your school is in New Jersey but you’re advertising in California, well maybe you will but I bet there would be a lot of ad dollar waste if that’s not your intended audience. Second, leverage geographic areas when creating your ad copy to draw in your audience and appeal to their familiarity. Research jargon from a specific region, seasonal climate, or anything else that would be specific to that area. Your ad will be most relevant and have a better chance of increasing CTR if it matches the school’s overall vibe and consistency

How many ads does a person see in a given day?

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education


I’m actually not sure, but Forbes is estimating that digital advertising spend will increase to over $335 billion by the year 2020. That’s an immense amount of ads that we see each day which means we have one shot at grabbing the attention of our most qualified student. My point is, make your ad do the talking through its design, layout, message, color scheme, emotional attachment, and so on. This doesn’t mean you have to be an award-winning graphic designer to create compelling ads, it just means that it’s worth investing the time to create ads that occupy more than just a 2048 x 1362 space on Facebook. Create something that will resonate on a more impactful level and you’ll be sure to strengthen performance and enhance ROI.

Last but certainly not least – Freshen up your campaign often.

5 Tips That Every Advertiser Should Know About Facebook Ads & Higher Education

Just like any other type of paid advertising, Facebook ads will become stale over a short period of time. Luckily, Facebook gives us a plethora of tools and performance reports that we can use to dig really deep into our campaign metrics and see what’s working, what worked in June but not October, etc. Use this data and use it wisely. This data is unique to you and your school and if you couple your data with your external efforts, you are not guaranteed because we never use that word in advertising but are sure to see higher CTR and better overall performance. Let’s be honest folks we are all in this together and if you don’t believe me, try explaining to a friend or family member what you do for a living… Exactly. Here at Edufficient, it’s important to us that we share our wins and experiences with our fellow advertisers and clients. Advertising on Facebook or any social platform is no easy task. We ourselves are consumers of the platform and are exposed to thousands of ads each day.

If we combine our consumer mentality with the skills and knowledge we’ve gained from running multiple campaigns, we can implement a more holistic approach to paid advertising and become a unicorn in a sea of horses.

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Hailing from North NJ, Lisa has been in the Advertising industry for the last 10 years. She's worked with a wide range of clients from the automotive industry to higher education and loves the challenges and lessons she's learned along the way. An avid dog lover and wine connoisseur, Lisa spends her free time perfecting the sport of "Netflix and chill" with her beloved pitbull, Lenny & soon to be husband, Jay.

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